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What can you do with Wiset?


Add your wished products

Save your favorite products from any store to have them all in the same App


Create wish lists

Create private or public wish lists to have your products ordered

Share Social

Share with friends

Share your lists and let your friends know the products you love

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Cloud Download

Download the app

You can download Wiset for Android on Google Play soon it will be available for App Store too


Create your profile

Sign up with your email in 2 easy steps and start sharing your lists with your friends


Start using the app!

Create a list and add your favorite products, you can create new products, add those that are already in the application or share them from any store or website.

Browser extension

Now wiset is also available as a Chrome extension, you can add products to your lists from your computer!

How to use the extension:

  1. 1. Download the extension
  2. 2. Login with your Wiset account
  3. 3. Search for the product you want to add
  4. 4. Open the extension (click on the Wiset icon)
  5. 5. Done! The product is ready to be added to your list
Ordenador con la extensión de Wiset en el navegador agregando un producto a una lista

How it works

Share your lists with all your friends

Create public lists to share with your friends and let them know what to give you at all times. Look at your friends' lists and find out which is the perfect gift.

By clicking 'Send' I agree and accept the Terms and Conditions and the Wiset Privacy Policy .
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